Kamasutra Strawberry Pleasure | International Range

Our exclusive international condom collection is now available in India.

STIMULATING CONDOMS WITH EXOTIC STRAWBERRY FLAVOUR: KamaSutra Strawberry Pleasure condoms with dotted texture helps in extra stimulation for women. It’s specially formulated lubricant with exotic mango flavour helps increase couples desire.

All the condoms are made with premium double purified latex. Extra lubricated for a smoother experience. Disposal pouches for easy and discreet disposal. Premium discreet packaging.

  1. Premium Strawberry Flavoured Dotted Condom
  2. Lubricated for great comfort and sensation.
  3. 100% Electronically Tested with 5 stringent quality tests

  • Sensuous Strawberry
  • Lubricated Condoms
  • Pleasant Smell
  • 5X Stringent Quality Testa
  • Disposal Pouch


  • PLEASANT SMELL: KamaSutra condoms have a nice smell due to a unique manufacturing method, ensuring that nothing gets in the way of lovemaking.
  • EXTRA LUBRICATED: For a smooth, pleasurable experience, the condoms are extra lubricated.
  • HIGH QUALITY: Due to its unique composition created with over three decades of expertise, KamaSutra condoms have a smooth and soft feel while remaining extremely durable. 5 stringent quality checks ensure that you get best KamaSutra condoms.
  • HIGH DURABILITY: KamaSutra Mango Pleasure condoms are manufactured of natural rubber latex, are 100% electronically tested and provide trustworthy protection.
  • MADE FOR REALLY GOOD SEX: KamaSutra Mango Pleasure condoms have dots for stronger stimulation in women and specially formulated lubricant with exotic mango flavour for intense love making.
  • DISPOSAL POUCHES: Special disposal pouches are given that do not mention KamaSutra. Condom disposal is now also discreet and no one else needs to know.
  • DISCRETE DELIVERY: For your privacy and peace of mind, we deliver completely discreetly. No mention of KamaSutra or condoms on the delivery carton.


1 Are these condoms reliable?

Each Kamasutra condom is 100% electronically tested for strength, flexibility and reliability. During electronic testing, each condom is being subjected to high voltage electric current to ensure 100% defect free condoms, so you have peace of mind. Always.

2 Are these condoms reusable

Never use a condom more than once

3 Will this condom guarantee protection from STIs & pregnancy?

No condom provides 100% protection, but when properly used, Kamasutra condoms help prevent pregnancy and can reduce the risk of Sexually Transmitted Diseases including HIV/AIDS

4 How do I know if the condoms are compatible with me?

Do consult a doctor or a pharmacist about the compatibility with condoms or over-the-counter topical medicines that are applied to the penis or the vagina

5 Are these condoms lubricated? Can I use additional lubricants?

Kamasutra condoms already have lubricants inside for enhanced pleasure. Do not use oil based lubricants such as petroleum jelly, mineral oil, vegetable oil, massage oil, butter, margarine, or cold cream as these could damage the condom. If you want additional lubrication, use only water-based lubricants

6 Can Condoms be torn?

Condoms are strong but can be torn by sharp finger nails or jewellery

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