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Park Avenue Damage Free Shampoo helps repair damaged strands and gives your hair the natural shine by conditioning it 5x with natural bio actives of hops and barley. This shampoo is ideal for both men and women

  1. For damaged hair
  2. 5 times conditioned hair
  3. Nourishes and repairs damaged hair with Proteins and Vitamin B

70 ml
180 ml
350 ml
650 ml
700 ml


This richly lathering shampoo is packed with Real Beer which has excellent conditioning properties. It has the goodness of Barley and hops which are rich in proteins and Vitamin B. It reduces your hair fall by up to 99% while leaving your hair 5 times conditioned.

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1 Why is conditioning important?

Conditioning provides more intense strengthening and moisturization, helps “restore” some natural oils and, and can help eliminate dry & brittle hair. It can also enhance your hair’s luster (sheen) and volume and protect from harsh external factors such as pollution and weather

2 How often should I condition my hair?

Conditioning is important after evey hair wash.Post shampoo, squeez extra water from hair and apply the conditioners so it completely saturates hair from scalp to ends. Leave it for 3-5 mins and rinse with cold or lookwarm water. Doing so will lock-in the moisture and seal the hair cuticles

3 How often should I shampoo?

It is recommended that the hair should be shampooed at least twice a week, to help remove residual styling products, normal dead skin cells, etc Your hair may need more frequent shampooing depending on the length of the hair and your activities like aerobics. swimming, or other outdoor exercise due to perspiration, pollen, dirt, etc…..

4 How could I protect my hair from getting more damaged?

Here are few tips that you could follow: Wash it gently while making sure to cover entire scalp with shampoo. Don’t use too hot or too cold water to wash hair. Always use lukewarm water Nourish it with a Damage free Shampoo Don’t comb wet hair Cover your hair with while travelling to protect from heat and pollution. Apply light serum to ensure you lock in the moisture in your hair after a wash. This will also help you detangle your hair easily, especially if it is long. Do not tie your when its wet, as wet hair are very fragile and break easily. If you can’t leave it down, use a scarf or covered snag-free elastic bands to tie it loosely. With these tips your hair is bound to behave just as it should after every wash and add that extra shine to your personality!

5 Which shampoo can I use for ithchy scalp

Our Park Avenue Anti dandruff beer shampoo is great to relieve itchy scalp while making hair soft.

6 Do we have beer smell in beer shampoo?

No, our shampoo’s don’t smell of beer.

7 Which shampoo should I use for dry hair?

You can use our Park Avenue Damage free Shampoo for dry hair and for best results,use the Park avenue Beer Conditioner.

8 Do you have product for shiny and bouncy hair?

Yes, we do have Park Avenue Shiny & bouncy beer Shampoo for healthy hair shine. Pair it with Shiny & Bouncy conditioner for that extra shine and bounce

9 What makes beer shampoo special ?

Our Range of Beer shampoo's are made with 100% natural beer, with goodness of Hops Barley and vitamins for natural nourishment and care for the hair that bounces with shine and health

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