Park Avenue Cool Blue Shaving Foam

Park Avenue Good Morning Shaving Foam is enriched with enriched with Jojoba oil which intensely nourishes skin and Aloe Vera & Ginseng which deeply hydrate and soothe skin

200 gm


Experience the luxurious shave with rich & creamy foam of Park Avenue Cool Blue Shaving Foam that gives a super smooth glide. Enriched with Menthol & Lavender oil, Get ready to feel the extra freshness and soothing fragrance



1 Do I use hand or Brush to spread the lather?

Park Avenue Shave Foam with rich & creamy formula will give smooth experience with hand. This can easily spread with hand without any hassle. For best experience, dab your face with lukewarm water before

2 Does it contain natural ingridients?

Park Avenue Range of grooming is infused with goodness of natural ingridents that are gentle on skin and give you effective results

3 What is expiry term for PA shave cream?

Park Avenue Shave Cream is best before 3 yrs/36 months.

4 How much quantity should be dispensed for a single shave?

Dispense the foam on your fingers as required & through slow circular round motion, spread the foam and experience the richness!

5 Which Skin Type is this Suitable for?

Park Avenue Shaving Foam is suitable for all skin types. Everyone can experience the smooth glides now!

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