Park Avenue Essential Grooming Collection

7 in 1 Grooming kit with luxurious shave systems and world class frargance.

  1. 6 in 1 kit perfect for your everyday grooming requirement with a pouch for no hassle travel
  2. Contains Iconic Park Avenue Fragrance and Soap for luxurious bathing experience
  3. Pamper your loved ones with the perfect Gift for all ocassions

7 in 1 Combo


Experience the luxurious shaves of Park Avenue power packed into this 7 in 1 grooming kit that comes with a travel pouch. Your perfect partner to seize the day! PA Essential Kit caters to the daily grooming routine of men by offering a value pack with 6 essential grooming products packed together at a great price which keeps them ready for life, everyday! - Free travel pouch



1 Does it come with Park Avenue Deodorant?

Yes, How can we forget that? Park avenue range of grooming kits come with the iconic park avenue fragrances that are just the perfect ally for you to conquer the world!

2 Does it come with a pouch?

Yes, Park Avenue's range of grooming kits come with easy to carry, beautiful & accessible pouch so that they can accompany you anywhere you go.

3 How do we use this?

You can buy this to pamper yourself with premium grooming solutions that will help put your face forward each day in every situation. Park Avenue's Grooming solutions are the perfect gift for celebration for relationships. Now pamper your loved ones with the best.

4 What does it contain?

It contains the range of park avenue grooming solutions crafted for men.

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