Raymond Turkish Leather

Spicy top notes dissolving and giving way to leathery base notes with woody nuances, Raymond Turkish Leather perfume is a must-have for a man who likes to turn heads with his fragrance. Raymond Turkish Leather Perfume is recommended when you are going out for a candlelight dinner or a date. It is also a great perfume for a regular day at work since it lasts all day.

  1. Premium Perfume
  2. Fresh Fragrance
  3. High Impact

45 ml
95 ml
  • Premium Fragrance
  • 3 layered notes
  • Long Lasting Perfume Spray
  • Safe on skin
  • Fresh Fragrance


Raymond Turkish Leather perfume, inspired from the spices of Turkey, explores a unique blend of pepper, cumin, nutmeg and cinnamon to give a masculine leathery fragrance. This intense men's perfume lasts really long - up to 48 hours! Raymond Turkish Leather is a morning-to-evening perfume suitable for a variety of occasions from a candle-light dinner to a party, and also a regular day at work. It comes in a very attractive bottle, making it a great gift for men. Crafted by Jerome Di Marino, French master perfumer from the fragrance house mane, this perfumes is made from the finest spices crafted over 2130 hours for perfection. Experience this intense Eau Da Parfum from Raymond.



1 Should I spray it on my body or clothes?

Raymond Perfumes are suitable for both body and clothes

2 Is the fragrance long lasting?

Yes! Raymond Perfumes have high fragrance concentration making them impactful & long lasting

3 Is this good for a special occasion?

Yes! Raymond Perfumes have been handcrafted by master perfumers, giving them 3 layered notes for all special occasions in your life.

4 Is this product safe to be used on the body?

Yes, Raymond Perfumes (EDP) are extensively tested in research labs for best consumer experience and are safe to be used on body.

5 What is a 3-layered note?

Fragrance notes are essentially the different scent layers that make up the final fragrance. These scents are split into three distinct elements: top notes, mid notes and base notes. The top notes of a fragrance are the opening notes that are smelled on immediate application. Mid notes lie at the heart of the fragrance. This scent layer is the foundation of the fragrance and is known to make up approximately 40-80% of the final fragrance. Base notes are often rich and smooth, as well as being the longest-lasting of the three notes.

6 What is special about Raymond Perfumes?

Raymond Perfumes (EDP) are handcrafted by master perfumers. Each perfume has a unique blend of premium essential oils and exotic ingredients. Each fragrance has a unique 3 layered note which unwraps with time giving a long lasting and refreshing experience

Fragrance Triangle

Base note

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